Christine’s Story

We recently asked people to write down their vaping stories so they would have them to hand when communicating with politicians and the media. Here is Christine’s story.

Hi there.

I live in the wilds of Western Australia. I was born in England and now I am quite peeved that I moved to a country which seems to be so corrupt in so many ways.

I am 62, I have been a smoker for 47 years apart from the times I was pregnant, which took an enormous amount of willpower to stop but each time I landed back on the cigarettes.

I grew up in London where everybody seemed to smoke, we used to go to a tobacconist on the way to school to buy 1 or 2 cigarettes at a time. By the time I was 15 my Mum (who still smokes a few even though she is 83) started handing me a few fags here and there and we smoked together.

She smoked all the way through 3 pregnancies, but by the time I was of childbearing age it was obvious that smoking was dangerous for our babies so I quit by the time I was three months pregnant. It was so damn difficult but on reflection I think guilt tided me over. But it was a short term solution and each time I landed back on the ciggies.

Over the years I have tried everything to quit, all the usual NRT’s with the exception of Champix as I have always suffered from intermittent periods of depression and constant anxiety attacks, plus at times suicidal thoughts, so after researching it, I realised this would be a very dangerous path for me to take.

I had a friend staying with me who was using vaping equipment, Mr 40+ a day smoker and it seemed to help him to cut down at least.

By this time I was totally depleted of energy and spent most of my time in bed or on the sofa, having had to let my business go as I couldn’t possibly drive the 35 mins to my office, this by the way was at a great financial loss, but I had no choice.

So just over a year ago I hit rock bottom, I had increased my smoking to 35-40 per day, I was coughing so much all night that I became incontinent, this was the final straw for me so I ordered a starter kit from an Australian Vaping Company, with tobacco flavoured cartridges with no nicotine and from day one I was able to cut down my smoking dramatically, but I still craved the nicotine.

So I joined a forum and a lovely member gave me some of her equipment which was much more satisfying and the batteries lasted almost a full day, I really haven’t looked back since.

Then I found out about this hideous case against Heavenly Vapours and I fell into a state of fear, not just for my own life, but for many others. I have lost precious loved ones to smoking related diseases and I thought, oh here we go again!

So I have been trying everything in my power to support these guys, both financially and by spending many hours each day trying to drum up support for them and to discredit the hypocritical Health Dept and the Cancer Council.

Vaping is saving my life, I am a completely different person to the sad one I was a year ago, my health and energy are returning and I will do everything in my power to support HV as this is such an important case which simply must be won.

Another thought I have just had and would like to add that I can think of at least a dozen people I know, both friends and family who have given up smoking, basically by cold turkey or with NRT’s but all of them have put on massive amounts of weight and are now suffering lots of other associated problems with being obese, such a shame to see.

But amazingly I lost 1.9 kilos in the first week, mostly because I gained back my zest for life and for the first time in years have started taking regular walks and made a decision to cut down dramatically on carbs and sugar, you see I have hope now rather than feeling like I was before “waiting to die” and my Doctor who was a bit cynical when I told her I was vaping is totally astounded and is now quite passionate about finding out the benefits of vaping, additionally she is shocked and dismayed that the CCWA and the Health Dept have taken this ridiculous stance.

I am so disgusted at the corruption in regards to this marvelous new technology. For the last year I have worked my butt off trying to get the truth out and finally I feel that we are making some sort of headway.

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