Calling all Vapers everywhere – Wales needs YOU

Calling all VAPERS, from every country and every nationality.

Help stop the ban of vaping in public places in Wales.

We all know that politicians generally prefer to receive communication from their constituents, but just once in a while we need to ignore that. This is one of those times.

Below is a list of Welsh politicians and their contact details. These are some of the politicians that are most likely to affect the outcome of stage 3 on the 8th of March, and the vote on March the 15th.

What we are asking you to do is adopt one. Send them a letter an email or a tweet (or all 3) and tell them about YOUR vaping story. If you are in the industry tell them how a ban would affect YOU in your country.

Keep it short, be polite, and tell them where you live.

Elin Jones – Ceredigion
Office Address:
32 Pier Street
SY23 2LN

Leanne Wood – South Wales Central
Office Address:
68 Heol Pontypridd
CF39 9PL

Alun Ffred Jones – Arfon
Office Address:
8 Castle Street
LL55 1SE

Rhodri Glyn Thomas – Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Office Address:
37 Wind Street
SA18 3DN

Lindsay Whittle – South Wales East
Office Address:
2 Portland Buildings
Commercial Street

Rhun ap Iorwerth – Ynys Môn
Office Address:
27 Church Street
Ynys Môn
LL77 7DU

Simon Thomas – Mid and West Wales
Office Address:
Ty Bres
Heol Bres
SA15 1UA

Bethan Jenkins – South Wales West
Office Address:
75 Briton Ferry Road
Melin Cryddan
SA11 1AR

Llyr Gruffydd – North Wales
Office Address:
69A Clwyd Street
LL15 1HN

Jocelyn Davies – South Wales East
Office Address:
1 Griffiths Building
Victoria Terrace
NP11 4ET

Edwina Hart
Office Address:
9 Pontardulais Road

Gwenda Thomas
Office Address:
7 High Street

William Graham – South Wales East
Office Address:
19A East Street
NP20 4BR

Christine Chapman – Cynon Valley
Office Address:
Bank Chambers
28a Oxford Street
Mountain Ash
CF45 3EU

Janice Gregory – Ogmore
Office Address:
44a Penybont Road
CF35 5RA

Huw Lewis – Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
Office Address:
Venture Wales Building
Merthyr Tydfil
CF48 4DR

Jeff Cuthbert – Caerphilly
Office Address:
Bargoed YMCA
Aeron Place
CF81 8JA

Dame Rosemary Butler – Newport West
Office Address:
72 Caerau Road
NP20 4HJ

Sandy Mewies – Delyn
Office Address:
Transport House
64 Chester Street

1 thought on “Calling all Vapers everywhere – Wales needs YOU

  1. My letter from USA to Mr. Graham:
    Dear William Graham:
    I am writing to you from across the pond in the eastern United States of America. I wish to ask that you not vote in favor of this ban.

    My smoking story and then how vaping changed my life.
    I began smoking at a young age, by 16 I was a pack a day smoker. I am now 62. I smoked for 43 years. During that time, I made many attempts to quit smoking, using various recommended ways. I did self-hypnosis, group therapy, cold turkey and Chantix (Champix). I did quit a few times, but in each case it was only for a limited amount of time, the longest quit was a year and a half, however, in each case, eventually, I returned to smoking. A personal account here, I liked smoking and quitting was usually made of interest to me by all the nagging plus listening to my conscience which was full of rational and worrisome reasons, why I should quit, supported by society and the medical community. I suppose it is difficult to translate to someone that doesn’t smoke, or never did, but imagine asking yourself for instance to drop 50lbs., give up your favorite foods, or if you enjoy a beer in the evening, give that up. If smoking was less harmful, I would never have thought of quitting it. Well, enter vaping, almost by accident I have quit smoking, now for over 6 years. Why? because I found a 95% less harmful alternative to smoking that I enjoy more, called vaping, electronic cigarettes. I enjoy the physical sensations, similar to smoking without the burning in the throat, the acrid taste, nothing like stale chopped tobacco leaf lit on fire. I enjoy the cleanliness of vaping, no messy ashes, no clinging tar on the surfaces of anything and everything, no butts to contend with, it is way beyond superior to what smoking was for me. I did not take to it all at once, I was able thanks to looser regulations, to gradually, at my own pace let go of smoking. I simply discovered that I preferred vaping to smoking. Three years ago, there wasn’t such a plethora of negative propaganda exploding the news media, as there is now. So, I didn’t feel self-conscious about switching. I just stopped liking to smoke, the more I vaped. The equipment has had it’s own revolution and improvements are appealing to many users thanks to so many innovations in this very quickly growing marketplace. I have vaped since 2009. That is over six years. In the first month after starting to vape, I quit smoking about 98% of the time, just a couple of smokes a day and my health improved immediately, my sense of smell and taste returned and I was able to enjoy physical activity without gasping for air. In 2009 a doctor told me I was pre- Emphysema & COPD. Not any longer, 6 years later and not one puff of a burning cigarette stick, I am healthier and no longer considered to be in a chronic condition. There may be 20 million of us by now, that have switched to vaping. Many are becoming involved in the political scene as activists. I have been very involved in activism, which is not underwritten by big tobacco or any other large lobbies. I simply wish to invite you to read some of our literature and the many links, that support allowing smokers to have this alternative option, that may very well save their health and lives. CASAA Consumer Advocates for SafER Alternatives Association link:
    Please keep the lives of your constituents formost in your mind as you weigh this very life altering decision. Banning, taxing and shaming smokers for quitting by switching to vaping, has the unintended consequence of keeping smokers smoking. Thank you.
    Lisa Bell

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