An URGENT Call to Action from Vapers in Power

LAST CHANCE for action to stop the Welsh Labour MADNESS!

On 8th March 2016 Welsh AMs (Assembly Members) vote on whether to ban ecigs in (broadly) enclosed public spaces; this will probably include some outside locations too (playgrounds etc). This is obviously not based on science, its predicated on a vague worry about re-normalisation of smoking and a putative gateway effect from ecigs to smoking.


We need to do all we can to get the AMs to see that that banning vaping in public spaces would be a public health disaster. See this link to the Public Health Bill (Wales) for details on what they will be voting on:


For full details on the latest amendments in favour of vaping and vapers please watch the video below.



1. If you live in Wales then please please write (soon!) to your AM to urge them to support any amendment which drops vaping from the Public Heath Bill (Wales). Write to Vape Wales is a website which has been set up to make it really easy to do this:

2. If you use Twitter then please tweet AMs with “I vape and I vote” and use the hash tag
#PublicHealthBill Here’s a list of contact details for the AMs :
@vapers will be tweeting this – please follow and retweet us and we will retweet you
If you’d like some tips for using Twitter then please take a look at this:

2 thoughts on “An URGENT Call to Action from Vapers in Power

  1. A good read. I think it is important to note that the TPD will restrict all forms of marketing and will be treated in the same way as tobacco products. This means no more Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media networks that are hosted in EU. The silver lining is that if the UK leaves the EU then the TPD would be washed away and replaced with UK regulations.

    The best bet for vape businesses is to market directly to vape shops.


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