Vote anyone except Labour!

Lee Ballot

Lee Woolls, Vapers in Power
Welsh Assembly Candidate for Cardiff West

These career politicians need a kick in the backsides but that in itself would be forgivable if they delivered on their promises.

Even if you’re not a vaper or a smoker, you will know someone that is. These elected idiots do not care what you think. They do not care about disruptive technology (e-cigs). They do not care about you.
The only time you will ever hear their sympathy is when they’re giving an opposing view, suddenly considered, against an elected party.

Mark Drakeford (Welsh Labour) has failed to help each and every one of us with his failing NHS, one of the worst in the UK. He has sought celebrity through introducing a public-use ban on vaping on the 10-year anniversary of the tobacco-ban. Has deliberately misrepresented facts or deliberately omitted the counter-facts regarding vaping, in order to further his career.

Prior to running for election, I tried to get a meeting with Mr Drakeford but have regularly been refused with statements such as ‘He’s too busy.’ or ‘ He has no comment.’

How can a person serve his public if he is NOT AVAILABLE to them?

We, in Vapers in Power, have only one goal. To force the parties to choose a side. Are you in favour of helping tobacco-users away from their early deaths without using public funds or are you only interested in smokers not paying their tobacco-taxes when they use prescription based Nicotine Replacement Therapies such as patches? Are your pension funds or shares, by-chance, invested in pharmaceutical companies?

Regardless, your disregard for this technology will be your undoing and the people will see you for what you are. The millions of peoples lives that are being prolonged and the cost that that imposes on our welfare state may be the problem for government, but this is a challenge that we should face and discuss together, openly.

This is not a decision that should be taken into secret discussion, nor away from voters, nor should it be a decision taken away from business owners that may see value in attracting vapers to their premises.

Vaping is the issue that I stand on. Freedom to choose is a broad spectrum of issues that we should all have the right to decide, outside of government.




2 thoughts on “Vote anyone except Labour!

  1. Sadly our political structures are no longer a system for and by the people but have become businesses and profit is all that matters. The political members that excel and move forward are not the ones who truly speak out for the people but the members that lobby and create ways to add new taxes and regulations that bring in more cash! Much the same as a company treats it employees and rewards the employee who comes up with the ideas of how to create more profit. Now we have two of the worlds largest corporations (Pharmaceutical and Tobacco) who see the profit to be made off the E-cigarette industry and the best way to gain those profits for themselves is by control of the vaping industry and are using all their power and resources (brides, lobbyists, sharing of the wealth through taxes…) to have it and will use our governments to give them the control by over regulation. Our governments realize this is a grand idea since these corporate giants have fed their pockets for decades with tobacco and drug therapy taxes. Think about it why would our corporate governments leave vaping alone on the free market where they are losing billions in uncollected tax dollars!
    Yes sadly this is all about the money, not health or what is better for the people, it is about controlling an industry that will generate Trillions of dollar on a global-scale and will be controlled one country at a time.
    We need to stand firm and together and ignore their new regulations and taxes, civil disobedience, NO TAXATION OR REGULATION WITHOUT PROOF OF HARM!


  2. Wish you were standing in my area.
    Drakeford has also totally ignored my e mails.
    The man has painted himself into a corner and has not the guts to admit it.


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