My name is Bernice Evans and I am an ex-smoker…

13047968_1065886556787690_1538618681319103104_oBernice Evans, Vapers in Power Welsh Assembly Candidate for South Wales Central


“My name is Bernice Evans and I’m an ex smoker”.  Sounds like a confession, doesn’t it? Do I feel like an ex-smoker? No, is the honest answer as I found a way to enjoy nicotine without the dangers of smoking and just don’t think of smoking any more to be honest. After five years, I have to actually remember what I was like as a smoker. I watched my mother slowly die over ten years and after two massive heart attacks, no quality of life and breathing difficulties from years from smoking. I told her on her death bed I’d be fine (even though I smoked) but I hoped I’d stop one day…

As a typical smoker for over 30 years, I really tried to stop. I used; patches, inhalers, chewing gum, abstinence, a book on how to stop (it worked for a while but I relapsed) plus hypnotherapy and even smoking cessation classes. My children asked me on many occasions to stop smoking too, I just couldn’t seem to give up. My blood pressure went sky high, I often cleared my throat prior to speaking, silly things I no longer need to do. I found a way out using vaping, I was lucky and I know so many other people that have stopped too.

In fact, after having several jobs and the most recent were working at both Probation and on Department of Pension’s contracts, I decided on a change of career a few years ago, ending up as a Human Resources Manager in a vaping business! That is how much I believe in vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. Hearing people’s stories about how they stopped smoking truly makes my day. It is now my hobby, I use social media to listen to other vapers, see what they use, tips and advice.

Science has progressed and the devices I used initially to stop, compared to what I use now are completely different. But that is what I think is great, the freedom of the market to advance. No control by politicians. Labour tried to add vaping into the Welsh Health Bill to practically kill it, luckily it failed but only by the skin of their teeth.

Their pension is invested in tobacco, did you know? I will let you draw your own conclusions from that point. I just want to ensure other smokers can find a way out as and when they are ready. If smoking is banned in outside places as well as public places, where will the control end?

Let’s leave the door open…

2 thoughts on “My name is Bernice Evans and I am an ex-smoker…

  1. This is so similar to myself. I got nagged to stop & try as I might I couldn’t do it. A friend at work had a pen type ecig & one day I just thought what the hell, it’s got to be worth a try & over the next 3 months the smoking got less & less & the vaping slowly took it’s place. The pen type has slowly given way to sub ohm vaping & I don’t even think about smoking anymore, the thought of the taste of a cigarette in my mouths disgusts me. It is sad what the government is trying to do seeing that for years the public were told that smoking is bad & we should stop, adverts, horrific pictures on cigarette packets etc but we now know that was never what they really wanted, the tax made on smoking is too much of a draw. I like my hobby, which is the way I see my vaping now & no matter what the TPD may throw at us I will never stop spreading for good word of vaping & ecigs & I’ll continue to encourage as many smokers to try ecigs as a way to pack up cigarettes


  2. Brilliant article, many thanks for sharing vape fam. A massive shoutout to all vapers from San Diego, California! If anyone happens to ever be there, make sure to pop into our vape shop (South Coast Vaper Co.) for some really good e-juice tasting and a sociable chat! Have an amazing day everyone and as always, keep your head in the clouds!


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