Vapers in Power #Wales2016 results

Vapers in Power candidates Lee Woolls (Cardiff West) and Bernice Evans (Central South Wales) received 96 and 470 votes respectively. We applaud them both for standing up for the Freedom to Choose a much less harmful alternative to smoking.

“It was a vote by vapers against an abhorrent policy-maker and a vote for Vapers in Power. Thanks to all that worked so hard and to those that voted against Drakeford.”  Lee Woolls

“The increase in voters is evidence of the fact that Welsh people are unhappy with the way Wales is controlled. Mark Drakeford no longer has the comfort of a large majority after this result.” Bernice Evans

Mark Drakeford’s much reduced majority is a vindication of the ‪#‎VoteVaperNotLabour‬ campaign and sends a strong message that those who make policy without regard to credible evidence will be held to account. We congratulate Neil McEvoy, a supporter of e-cigs, for fighting such an effective campaign against the Welsh Health Minister and for winning a regional seat.
We would also like to congratulate Kirsty Williams of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Darren Millar of the Welsh Conservatives for getting re-elected and thank them for their continued support for vaping.   We are very confident that the new Assembly will take a sensible approach to vaping and we propose the setting up of a cross party group to hammer out science based policies.


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