Effective vaping as we know it died on 20th May 2016. The fact that the government put  vaping on life support for another year doesn’t change that.  


Yes you can still buy tanks which are over 2ml and juice which is over 20mg/ml, but in a few months time you won’t be able to. Yes, even then we will be ok (some of us have been stockpiling nicotine and we will continue to buy direct from China) but what about the people who are smoking and who might want to stop at some point in the future? New vapers do need higher nicotine strengths and are often using less efficient devices (not sub ohming, in other words). It’s easy to forget that most of the 2.8m vapers in the UK are using cigalikes or egos and CE4s. The TPD of course, pretty much destroys DIY  and ruins small boutique eliquid businesses, so yes, #RIPVape. And yes,  adverts are banned – some EU countries are even trying to ban promotion on social media, so yes, #RIPVape.


We knew that there would be a range of sentiments and feelings the day the TPD came in:  some people would be sad but many would be angry.  #RIPVape was a tag that could be used in a number of ways. Importantly it also made it clear to the target audience what topic was being discussed. Vapers and the vaping community were not the target audience. The media was.


It now is #RIPVape in most of the EU member states. Vaping has taken off in the UK and there’s a sheer force of numbers: it is a tsunami and that makes it much much harder to shut it down. That isn’t the case in much of the EU and the TPD will wipe out vaping in many countries. Vapers in Power is a UK registered political party but we have members from many countries and we are very aware that this is a global fight.

No surrender!

Did anyone else try to mark the passing of the TPD into law?

We planned to use #RIPVape before the news broke that Lord Callanan had proposed a motion which could overturn the TPD in the UK. We ran with #RIPVape and added #LordsVapeVote into our social media postings too. #RIPVape was adopted by many people and trended on Twitter. It evolved too into #RIPVaping. That trended as well – because enough people used the hashtag – it spoke to those people. Trending hashtags are investigated by the media, so the campaign achieved its aim.


RIGHT NOW is what we have to do to save vaping: https://vapersinpower.wordpress.com/lordsvapevote-writing-campaign/  


Now is the time for action


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