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Below you will find a timetable for Friday May 20th with the names, Twitter addresses and (in some cases) Facebook pages of people relevant to vaping and with influence on the subject.

Some are pro vaping, some are not so pro, and some are downright anti.

The concept of the Twitter bomb is that everyone tweets to the the same individual at approximately the same time: this can help produce ‘trends’ which receive media attention.

For those of you not familiar with software such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Twuffer, I would suggest having a look if you are wondering how to get all the tweets out on time. Vapers in Power have been using Hootsuite for a couple of years with a great deal of success. It takes a lot of the hard work out as all you have to do is think up the tweets.

For those that are blocked by some of the people on the list, please don’t miss them out. Just add #ImBlocked to your tweet. Whilst your tweet will not be seen by the recipient, it will still be seen by journalists searching.

Also PLEASE remember to add:


8AM: Linda McAvan MEP – Facebook: Linda McAvan MEP , Twitter: @LindaMcAvanMEP
As rapporteur for the TPD Linda played a crucial role in getting the TPD through.   Referred to by many vapers as the angel of death.

9AM: Will Self – Twitter: @wself
Well known vaper and author/ journalist who sometimes writes about e-cigs.

10AM: David Cameron – Facebook: David Cameron , Twitter: @David_Cameron
British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party. Has been making the right noises but we have yet to see anything concrete.

11AM: Nigel Farage – Facebook: Nigel Farage , Twitter: @Nigel_Farage
Leader of UKIP and a smoker who has tried vaping and is in favour of it. Against the TPD as a piece of EU bureaucracy but could be more vocal.

12PM: Martin Schulz MEP – Facebook: Martin Schulz , Twitter: @MartinSchulz
President of the European Parliament and responsible for the shennanigans which prevented Article 20 (then Article 18)  being scrutinised properly by MEP’s.

1PM: Viscount Matt Ridley – Twitter: @mattwridley
Member of the House of Lords who has spoken out in favour of vaping, including on the floor of the House.

2PM: Jeremy Corbyn – Facebook: Jeremy Corbyn , Twitter: @jeremycorbyn
Leader of the Labour Party. Has in the past signed a EDM supporting vaping but hasn’t made any noises in favour since.   His party is the least in favour of vaping

3PM: Charlie Sloth – Twitter: @CharlieSloth
Radio One DJ with  his own juice line from Totally Wicked. Does he know about the regulations?  On air from 4pm today.  

4PM: Mark Drakeford – Twitter: @MarkDrakeford
Welsh Health Minister responsible for proposing a vaping ban in Wales and continues to support this idea even in the face of scientific evidence presented in committee.

5PM: Dr Christian Jessen – Facebook: Doctor Christian , Twitter: @DoctorChristian
A Dr and TV presenter who vocally supports vaping both on social media and on television.

6PM: Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) – Twitter: @ASH_LDN
Leading anti-smoking charity which professes to support vaping but does not speak out against vaping bans and supports the TPD.  

7PM: Nick Clegg – Facebook: Nick Clegg , Twitter: @nick_clegg
Former leader of the liberal democrats and a self confessed vaper. Whilst he used an e-cig to help him stop smoking and is in favour of them he hasn’t been vocally supporting vapers against the TPD.

Please try to keep your tweets polite, even to those you don’t feel deserve it. The aim is for  these tweets to be seen by the media and venting your spleen may not help the cause.


We need more Power!


Vapers in Power are delighted to say that a kind member of the community has come forward with a donation so we can purchase the goods required. We would like to send our warmest regards to Andrew Scotchmere.


Vapers in Power will be attending several events this year and we want to make our presence as effective as we can. We have determined that the best way we can improve our service at events is to get some more POWER! i.e. electricity lol

This would allow us to run a laptop and internet connection to enable people to write to their politician (or sign petitions) on the day. With someone on hand to give them guidance if they haven’t done it before.


Ideally we need:
A Leisure battery like this one
Though a fairly high aH car battery might do the trick like one from a diesel vehicle.

An inverter of at least 300w like this sort of thing

And some sort of trickle charger or automatic charger, a bit like this

Our immediate need is for Vape Collective which we will be attending at the end of May. We have people able to collect in North London area, Cardiff area, Lincoln area, West Yorkshire and Glasgow and the surrounding area, if you have any equipment you would like to pass along.

Please contact us at if you can help


Nottinghamshire, Beacon of Fear

Vapers in Power are incensed by Nottinghamshire County Council’s decision to ban employees from using e-cigarettes in its buildings, land and company vehicles (1) . E-cigarettes are used by many to stop smoking and the scientific consensus is that they are at least 95% safer than combustible tobacco (2).

We regard the Council’s actions as inappropriate with regards to smoking but we are particularly concerned by the inclusion of vaping and e-cigarettes in the ban.

This ban will deter people from switching to a far safer alternative and also sends out the false  message that vaping is harmful.

We are also concerned that we have seen no justification from the Council for this ban so we can only assume that it’s lazy policy making: a knee jerk reaction to something which they don’t understand.

As Public Health England noted (2) “increasing numbers of people think e-cigarettes are equally or more harmful than smoking”. Steps like this can only compound that misconception.

Nottinghamshire County Council are part of the Smoke Free Action Coalition (3) yet the inclusion of e-cigarettes in the new Nottinghamshire County Council Smoke Free Policy is not in keeping with the advice given by this coalition on e-cigarettes and their use for harm reduction. (4)

The Smoke Free Action Coalition clearly recommends that organisations consider the following information when considering e-cigarette policy:

  • Real-world effectiveness of e-cigarettes when used to aid smoking cessation: a cross-sectional population study a paper by Robert West regarding e-cigarettes as harm reduction and their effectiveness in quitting smoking (5)
  • Ash Factsheet 891 regarding who uses e-cigarettes and why they use them (6)
  • Ash Factsheet 715 regarding the basics about e-cigarettes and their risks for users, bystanders and the ‘gateway’ effect (7)


The Smoke Free Policy of Nottinghamshire County Council has clearly failed to take this information into account with regards to e-cigarettes.

We should also be clear that e-cigarettes are not included in the UK Smoking at Work legislation (8)

We can only conclude that this ban is yet another example of an organisation shaping their policies on fear rather than facts.

We call on Nottinghamshire County Council to re-assess their misguided policy.

E-cigarettes save lives, bans risk them.






Vapers in Power – Election Campaign Crowdfunding

Elections are shortly to be upon us again with the Welsh Government going to the polls on the 5th of May. Vapers in Power intends to be there, bringing vaping into the political spotlight.
To do that we need your help.
We have two candidates willing to stand in the Cardiff area where the Health Minister Mark Drakeford is based. We want to make sure that every time he stands at a hustings there is a vaper standing next to him, and every time he is mentioned in the papers there is a vaping candidate available to stand against his ridiculous attitude of the precautionary principle being used without considering the collateral damage.
Please donate if you can, share if you can’t and generally help make sure vapers are heard at the ballot box in Wales this May.


A Civilised Event

I had the opportunity on Thursday night to attend an event hosted by the Merseyside Skeptics Society. The guest speaker was Robin Ireland, and the topic looked interesting.

Why vapers think that e-cigarettes will lead to the ending of cigarette smoking and why their optimism may be misplaced.

Here is how the event was described on the Facebook invitation.

Electronic cigarettes are a hot topic and not only in public health forums. Public Health England have pronounced e-cigs as around “95% less harmful than tobacco”. However the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America and the World Health Organisation take a much more precautionary stance. The latter view ‘Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)’ as having potential public health benefits but these are yet unproven. Robin Ireland, a Liverpool-based public health advocate, will discuss the evidence as much as it is available in the context of tobacco control efforts in England.

Robin is Chief Executive of Heart of Mersey and the Health Equalities Group originally established in 2003 to address the inequitable levels of heart disease and stroke on Merseyside. Robin was awarded his Master of Public Health at the University of Liverpool in 2007 and was elected Member of the Faculty of Public Health through Distinction in 2015. His position on e-cigs has led him to be vilified by vapers on social media whilst the Institute of Economic Affairs has branded the Health Equalities Group, “Sock Puppets”.

In all honesty I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The title of the talk appeared to be designed to be inflammatory, but knowing a little about Skeptics societies, I didn’t think the audience was going to be an easy one to bamboozle, if that was the intent.

I arrived at the venue early and spent some time in the bar chatting to the locals (predominantly about e-cigarettes and the physical effects of stopping smoking lol). I was joined by Adam Williams (Rojeans). Who had history with the speaker, having appeared on radio a couple of times with him. As we moved into the meeting room and took our seats Robin spotted Adam and commented that he knew he could expect some tough questions from our section of the room. Their greetings were cordial, almost jovial.

The presentation was split broadly into two sections. The first was on the subject of tobacco, and its effect on the health of the population of Merseyside. There were slides with details of life expectancy in the Merseyside area, a comparison of life expectancy in various areas of the UK and information on how smoking prevalence, which is high in the area, is believed to be a major contributory factor to comparatively low life expectancy levels in Merseyside.

To open the second section of the presentation Robin started with a slide about abuse he had received on Twitter. I’m not sure how this was really relevant to the topic at hand, though he did at least acknowledge that not all vapers were the same and that equally his topic, which assumed to know what vapers think, would not be true of all vapers.

He did a good job of outlining his reasons for concern about vaping. These could broadly be described as a concern that bill boards and flavouring were not aimed at adult smokers, but at children. A real worry that renormalisation could undo much of the hard work he had put into reducing smoking prevalence, and a large dose of ‘We don’t know what the long term risks might be’. Dual use and long-term vaping both came up for some criticism.

I felt that he was less thorough in presenting what he thought the alternative viewpoint was, though perhaps this was to be expected.

With the presentation over and a break for everyone to take a trip to the bar. We settled back down for the Q+A session, and that’s when the evening really livened up.

The questions were generally well thought out and I was pleased to see that when the speaker didn’t know the answer he had the courage to say so rather than attempt to blather. What was particularly amusing was the way that questions were not only directed at the speaker, but at the vapers in the room. After Adam asked his question and identified himself as a vape shop owner, several questions were directed our way. A cell biologist joined in on the subject of nicotine addiction, and a psychologist commented on the propensity of humans to experiment with mind altering substances.

I don’t think you could say that by the end of the evening any conclusions had been reached, but the event was entertaining, educational and above all civilised.

Adam particularly commented that he felt Robin Ireland’s position had mellowed somewhat in the two years he had known him. He’s been listening, and the emphasis on Tobacco Harm Reduction which was a feature of Adam’s participation in the Q+A did appear to be taken on board.

I had the opportunity to spend a brief time after the event chatting to Robin, and personally I found him to be quite likeable. We talked about the TPD and the issues I believe this is going to cause. My specific question during the Q+A had been about whether he was concerned that the legislation would hand the vaping industry to the tobacco companies.

He asked me about how likely I thought the TPD was to lead to shoddy black market goods flooding the UK market. My reply basically said I was very concerned, as I was going to end up using black market nicotine and I was deeply concerned that there would be little way of telling if it was the grade or strength that it purported to be.

We agreed that there are some nutters on Twitter and that I probably knew more about the wording and implementation of the TPD than he did. He came across as someone open to hearing alternative viewpoints, even if sometimes his background and training made it difficult for him to accept them. A thoroughly civilised end to what was a thoroughly civilised event.

Abi Cottrill

Vapers in Power End of Year Newsletter 2015


Welcome to the Vapers in Power End of Year Newsletter



Why do you need Vapers in Power?


When we formed ViP we were asked:  Why have a political party for vapers? What’s the point when there’s no chance of getting a ViP candidate elected? Why not have a non-political mass membership organisation instead?

Here’s why we need Vapers in Power: the Tobacco Products Directive forbids the promotion of vaping (Article 20 section 5).  There has always been discussion about what this will actually involve but it’s now becoming apparent that this clause can be applied in a very draconian way;  not only to ban advertising but also to shut down any public discussion of vaping.  For example, the draft law in Spain forbids vaping Facebook groups, forums, meets or any other form of private or public promotion of electronic cigarettes.  The wording of Article 20 (section 5) allows member states to take the ban on promotion this far.  The UK apparently might not plan to enforce section 5 as strictly, but the door is open to harsher interpretation later on.

Political parties are (in the EU) guaranteed “freedom of association and its inter-dependent rights of freedom of expression and opinion and assembly”.  (Venice Commission 2010)

Being a registered political party is the best defence against Section 5’s encroachments on these fundamental freedoms.  Vapers in Power will be able to promote e-cigs when vendors can’t and could provide the only legal channels for publicly discussing e-cigs.   Oh, apart from your local Stop Smoking Service, of course!


MGT team
From left to right: Jessica Harding (Party Leader), Liam Bryan (Campaign Manager), Abigail Cottrill (Press Officer), Russell VR Ord (Freedom of Choice), Robert Jenkins (Social Media Officer), Rhydian Mann (Welsh Campaign Manager), Brian Coe (Social Media Coordinator).

Vapers in Power – Leadership

Vapers in Power is managed by volunteers from all walks of life.  As you might expect the amount of time individuals can commit is very variable.  Since our last Newsletter Russell VR Ord has stepped down as Treasurer;  that role has been taken up by Jessica, Party Leader. Russell will be continuing with the ViP team driving our policy on freedom of choice and personal liberty. Peter Gill is our Webmaster.  We also welcome three new members: Robert Jenkins and Brian Coe form our new social media team and Rhydian Mann joins us to help with our  Welsh campaign in the run up to the 2016 Welsh Elections.

Members Badge   Vapers in Power Membership

In the summer we launched our Vapers in Power membership scheme.   We are very pleased to report that 100 people have since joined us as members. It’s £5 for a year and all new members receive a badge and membership card.  You can sign up here:

Welsh  Campaign

We are delighted to announce that Vapers in Power will be fielding at least one candidate in the Welsh Elections in 2016.  We are very lucky to have two very strong prospective candidates for Mark Drakeford’s West Cardiff seat.


We would like to field candidates in as many constituencies as possible so you can expect to see a crowdfunding campaign in the not too distant future.   We would  like to hear from any Welsh residents who might be interested in campaigning or standing in their local area. 

letters logo small  Write to Vape Campaign

Vapers in Power has set up a new dedicated website to help vapers contact their local MP’s, AM’s and MSP’s. This can be found at: has helpful suggestions to give you an idea of what you might want to write and all it takes is your postcode to direct your letter to the right person.  At the bottom of the  page is a heat map which shows progress,  we need every area of the map to glow red, from top to bottom.  The TPD may be coming but there’s still time to be heard.

There is a separate page for Write to Vape Wales.  All  Welsh vapers need to write to their AMs to ask them to support amendments calling for vaping to be removed from the Welsh Governments Public Health bill.

You can download a Write to Vape Wales A3 poster for your local vape shop here, a poster for all UK vape shops here and a Write to Vape button for retailers websites here

W2V poster in shop


What else have we been up to?Westminister

Vapers in Power has attended several events this year. Vapefest was a highlight of the calendar.   We had our own advocacy tent where we hosted workshops,  launched our membership scheme and sold ViP merchandise. We also handed out advocacy packs for vendors, packs which included our much shared and imitated Nothing Poster.  You can download the latest version HERE (front page) and HERE (back page).

In October we attended the handover of the Totally Wicked Petition outside the Department of Health in London, and were really pleased to put faces to the names of some of vaping’s most ardent campaigners there. We headed to Speakers Corner in Hyde Park afterwards.  You can see some of the speeches on our YouTube channel HERE

We were delighted to be invited to the E-Cig Summit at the Royal Society in London in November.   ViP was represented by  Jessica Harding and Paul Barnes.  It was a fascinating and very intense day.  Presentations have been uploaded by the E-cig summit.

Manifesto changes

manifesto definition

Following consultation with our members we’ve made two recent changes to our manifesto.

We added this:

“We call for an amendment to the The Nicotine Inhaling Products (Age of Sale and Proxy Purchasing) Regulations 2015 to allow for the proxy purchase of e-cigarettes on behalf of persons under 18 by their guardians.
We believe the parents/guardians of under 18’s who smoke should have the right to provide their child with e-cigarettes as part of a cessation attempt or as harm reduction.”

And extended our opposition to outside vaping bans to include opposition to outside smoking bans too:

Vapers in Power opposes bans on vaping and/or smoking in outside public spaces. We believe that laws limiting individual behaviour should be based on scientific evidence of harm to bystanders. Neither the proposed regulations on vaping nor the proposed regulations regarding smoking in outdoor spaces meet this benchmark. We stand against such arbitrary rules.”


Calls to Action

A red button with the words "Take action" on it


Every Friday,between February and October, we issued a Call to Action.  These outlined two or three actions which vapers could take to help keep vaping free from excessive regulations.  After a while the format got tired so we reluctantly paused them.

We’d really like to start them up again but to issue them as videos this time.  We are looking for reviewers to record them.  We hope that this will enable our CtA – and vaping advocacy – reach a much wider audience.  Please email at or tweet to @vapers if you can help.


You are reading this on our blog site which has had over 5000 views since being launched. THANK YOU! We have had a tidy up of it recently, so it should be easy to find the type of post you are after, be it party policy,copies of press releases or guest blogs.


We’ve published some very interesting pieces on here recently, including
Envy for the Enlightened Isles by Norbert Zillatron. This highlights the current state of vaping & politics in Germany and has had over 934 views so far. Give Us Strength from Ian Green, on manufacturers prematurely withdrawing higher nicotine eliquids, over 400 views!

If you want to keep up to keep on top of all things ViP please subscribe to be instantly notified when we publish something new.

If you find any of our blog posts worthy of sharing with  your friends then  PLEASE DO! You will be helping to spread the word of ViP and vaping advocacy.

If you have a blog post you’d like us to publish then please email us at



instagram-logoBrian  has set up VAPERSINPOWER, please follow us.  We have some very special festive images coming up.

Getting involved

Most of our activity is on Facebook, simply because it’s the easiest method.   If you are on Facebook then please request to join our Vapers in Power Think Tank group.  You can also sign up to be kept informed via our website  And – please follow the ViP @vapers Twitter account if you are on there.

Finally (and this has been a bit of a long one!)  we at ViP would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year. 



Jessicas Signature

Party Leader Vapers in Power


Image by Szaxe










Letter to Owen Paterson, MP

Here is a letter from one of the Vapers in Power members to their MP, Owen Paterson.

Dear Owen Paterson,

I am writing to you to express my concerns and fears concerning the TPD Article 20. As I’m sure you already know the British government will have to implement this directive in May next year.

Let me start by telling you something about myself. I am 50 now, I started smoking at the age of 8, only occasionally obviously, my babysitter smoked and would give me a cigarette or two on a Saturday night when she babysat or I could buy or beg a cigarette from older kids. I went all through secondary school smoking, I had a paper round so could afford to buy 10 a day! I carried on smoking as I got older even though I knew it was bad for my health and there was a good chance it would kill me. But I did enjoy smoking! As I reached my 40’s I started to think that, maybe, I should try and quit. So I tried, just will power first time, then gum, then patches, then gum again, etc, round and round I went with no success. So I went to see my GP and was prescribed Champix, the side effects were quite scary but I was getting more determined, still I failed! A few months later I went to see the Stop Smoking nurse, again I was prescribed Champix and told this was my last chance. Again I failed. I remember thinking to myself “that’s it, I’m a smoker and that’s that, I’ve given up giving up”.
A couple of years later I was in Wigan visiting family and there was a kiosk selling e-cigarettes so I went to have a look. They were the type that look like a real cigarette, I ended up buying a starter kit. A few days later I decided I’d better give it a go then as I’d paid £25, that was the 14th January 2013, I haven’t smoked since, not even one puff.
The ‘cigalike’ made realise there was something out there that could get me off tobacco cigarettes, it wasn’t perfect and after a couple of weeks I was starting to waver so I did some research online and discovered there was a lot more out there, an industry that was in it’s infancy, but it was growing and improving almost every day.

Move on nearly three years later and all I see is smokers who will not have the opportunities I had, the industry will be stunted, the people who have drove this safer alternative to smoking on, ex-smokers themselves that swapped to vaping for a better, healthier lifestyle will be pushed out. Online vendors, small independent shops, small independent e-liquid producers will not be able to afford to survive.

Public Health England have said e-cigarettes are 95% healthier than smoking, I know from first hand experience that this is true. My GP put ex-smoker on my records after being smoke free for 9 months.

Smokers should be encouraged to try an e-cigarette, but with this EU directive coming into effect next year that opportunity will be taken away.

There are 2.6 million vapers in the UK right now, there is a EU referendum in the near future, vapers are not happy, vapers are voters… and motivated!

As my MP I would like to ask you about you views concerning Europe and concerning vaping? Our government does seem to be sympathetic to vapers but if the EU can just dictate to us in the UK what is the point in having a UK government? We may as well just have a federal European government.

I believe smoking could really be a thing of the past in the next 10 years if vaping is allowed to grow and is regulated correctly.

I believe vaping is a health revolution!

If you would like to learn more about vaping I would be more than happy to show you what I have learnt, which isn’t everything!!

Thank you for your time!

Yours sincerely,

Ricky Foulkes

The more MP’s, AM’s and MSP’s that receive letters like this, the better!!

What’s your Vaping story?

Our vaping stories are some of the most powerful weapons we have when it comes to convincing politicians, medical professionals and the general public about how effective vaping can be.

Tell your story! Add it to the comments and it will be added to a growing body of stories from across the world in many languages and from every continent. Plans are afoot to create a database where every story can be found. Your story will be included in this database.

If you are happy to leave your real name and where you live that would be fantastic. It would help make sure these stories cannot be ignored by the sceptics, but the important thing is your story, so if you aren’t able to leave your name, PLEASE still leave your story.

Christine’s Story

We recently asked people to write down their vaping stories so they would have them to hand when communicating with politicians and the media. Here is Christine’s story.

Hi there.

I live in the wilds of Western Australia. I was born in England and now I am quite peeved that I moved to a country which seems to be so corrupt in so many ways.

I am 62, I have been a smoker for 47 years apart from the times I was pregnant, which took an enormous amount of willpower to stop but each time I landed back on the cigarettes.

I grew up in London where everybody seemed to smoke, we used to go to a tobacconist on the way to school to buy 1 or 2 cigarettes at a time. By the time I was 15 my Mum (who still smokes a few even though she is 83) started handing me a few fags here and there and we smoked together.

She smoked all the way through 3 pregnancies, but by the time I was of childbearing age it was obvious that smoking was dangerous for our babies so I quit by the time I was three months pregnant. It was so damn difficult but on reflection I think guilt tided me over. But it was a short term solution and each time I landed back on the ciggies.

Over the years I have tried everything to quit, all the usual NRT’s with the exception of Champix as I have always suffered from intermittent periods of depression and constant anxiety attacks, plus at times suicidal thoughts, so after researching it, I realised this would be a very dangerous path for me to take.

I had a friend staying with me who was using vaping equipment, Mr 40+ a day smoker and it seemed to help him to cut down at least.

By this time I was totally depleted of energy and spent most of my time in bed or on the sofa, having had to let my business go as I couldn’t possibly drive the 35 mins to my office, this by the way was at a great financial loss, but I had no choice.

So just over a year ago I hit rock bottom, I had increased my smoking to 35-40 per day, I was coughing so much all night that I became incontinent, this was the final straw for me so I ordered a starter kit from an Australian Vaping Company, with tobacco flavoured cartridges with no nicotine and from day one I was able to cut down my smoking dramatically, but I still craved the nicotine.

So I joined a forum and a lovely member gave me some of her equipment which was much more satisfying and the batteries lasted almost a full day, I really haven’t looked back since.

Then I found out about this hideous case against Heavenly Vapours and I fell into a state of fear, not just for my own life, but for many others. I have lost precious loved ones to smoking related diseases and I thought, oh here we go again!

So I have been trying everything in my power to support these guys, both financially and by spending many hours each day trying to drum up support for them and to discredit the hypocritical Health Dept and the Cancer Council.

Vaping is saving my life, I am a completely different person to the sad one I was a year ago, my health and energy are returning and I will do everything in my power to support HV as this is such an important case which simply must be won.

Another thought I have just had and would like to add that I can think of at least a dozen people I know, both friends and family who have given up smoking, basically by cold turkey or with NRT’s but all of them have put on massive amounts of weight and are now suffering lots of other associated problems with being obese, such a shame to see.

But amazingly I lost 1.9 kilos in the first week, mostly because I gained back my zest for life and for the first time in years have started taking regular walks and made a decision to cut down dramatically on carbs and sugar, you see I have hope now rather than feeling like I was before “waiting to die” and my Doctor who was a bit cynical when I told her I was vaping is totally astounded and is now quite passionate about finding out the benefits of vaping, additionally she is shocked and dismayed that the CCWA and the Health Dept have taken this ridiculous stance.

I am so disgusted at the corruption in regards to this marvelous new technology. For the last year I have worked my butt off trying to get the truth out and finally I feel that we are making some sort of headway.

If you would like your vaping story published here please send it to

Welsh vaping ban

The suggested ban of vaping in public places and work places in Wales clearly indicates that the Welsh Assembly is failing to listen to the opinions of its electorate, ignoring extensive scientific evidence and failing to act for the greater good of the population of Wales.

Of course you would expect a political party called Vapers In Power to have that view, so don’t listen to us, listen to the organisations generally known to have some of the most active and vocal opinions in the ‘war against tobacco’.


There is no evidence that smoking e-cigarettes in enclosed spaces poses a significant risk to other people, and on the basis of available evidence, the RCP anticipates that electronic cigarettes and related products could actually generate significant falls in the prevalence of smoking in the UK, prevent many deaths and episodes of serious illness, and help to reduce the social inequalities in health that tobacco-smoking currently exacerbates. Royal College of Physicians (1)


Currently there is insufficient evidence to introduce a ban on the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public spaces or workspaces. Cancer Research UK (2)


Banning the use of electronic cigarettes in public places should be an evidence-based decision. We urge Assembly Members and Ministers looking at this proposal to call on experts and academics to present the latest research. Action on Smoking and Health – Wales (3)


ASH does not support legislation to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in enclosed public spaces. While the evidence that secondhand smoke causes harm to bystanders is irrefutable there is little evidence that vapour causes similar harm. Electronic cigarettes have been shown to help people quit smoking and there is no evidence to currently suggest that they act as a gateway to smoking for young people in the UK. Action on Smoking and Health (4)


Vapers In Power have a simple and strong message on this. Laws should be enacted for the protection of the population only where an activity can be shown to cause harm to bystanders. The science so far published has, despite a great deal of statistical subterfuge and spin, failed to make a case for a ban on this basis. (5,6).


In contrast there is a growing body of evidence that vaping is having a hugely positive effect on the smoking prevalence within the UK (7). This simple fact removes any satisfactory argument based on the precautionary principle.


Without a sound scientific basis the decision as to whether vaping should be permitted on any given premises should be left at the discretion of the owner of the property. Anything else is a vast distortion of what good governance should be about.



Abi Cottrill