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Manifesto Update – Outdoor Smoking Bans

This clause has been added to the Vapers in Power manifesto.

Vapers in Power opposes bans on vaping and/or smoking in outside public spaces. We believe that laws limiting individual behaviour should be based on scientific evidence of harm to bystanders. Neither the proposed regulations on vaping nor the proposed regulations regarding smoking in outdoor spaces meet this benchmark. We stand against such arbitrary rules.”

Why should a single issue party such as Vapers in Power (ViP) have a position on the proposed outdoor smoking bans?

ViP has a diverse membership as all political parties do. However as a single issue vaping party all our members agree that the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) allows them to have the the pleasures and benefits associated with smoking with a vastly reduced harm profile.

All our members smoked tobacco until discovering ecigs and each member had their own reasons for doing so, they developed their own thoughts on their pastime, the tobacco companies and the ‘Tobacco Control Industry’. After realising that ecigs could be a replacement for cigarettes and proving it by replacing cigarettes with vaping, they refined their attitude to smoking.

Some members believe that ecigs and vaping can replace smoking. Some members believe that the freedom to choose what they legally do should be their and only their decision. They believe that they have been manipulated by deceitful decisions of the Government and their quangos and as such, embrace smoking and smokers as well, because they do not believe a single word they have been told. The majority of the membership however, see vaping as just a ‘safer’ alternative to smoking cigarettes.

What the membership does recognise is that laws are being brought in by governments that have NO justification. They have seen it via the EU’s skewed Tobacco Products Directive with its inclusion of ecigs and now they see it in the proposed outdoor smoking bans, which will lead to outdoor vaping bans as well. After all, vaping looks like smoking doesn’t it?

ViP exists to provide a ‘Voice for Vapers’ not just the 33% (approx) that have chosen to stop smoking entirely. ViP represents ALL of them. Those that choose to utilise the harm reduction provided by reducing their tobacco intake as well as those who have chosen to switch entirely. All are vapers and all deserve a voice.

Smokers and vapers enjoy smoking and/or vaping. They enjoy something for which controls are being proposed that have NO scientific justification. ViP represents its members and as such says NO to outdoor smoking bans and indoor/outdoor vaping bans.


The Vapers in Power Team