Press Release: Welsh Assembly Elections

We in Vapers in Power are pleased to announce that we are standing two candidates for the National Assembly for Wales Election 2016.

Lee Woolls is standing in Cardiff West against Mark Drakeford (a known anti-vaping protagonist) and Bernice Evans is standing for election in the Wales South Central region.  Standing under the description “Freedom to Choose” we are campaigning to defend vapers’ rights in Wales.

After the narrow defeat of the Welsh Health Bill, Vapers in Power are determined to campaign to ensure that Welsh Labour’s anti vaping proposals never again see the light of day and to protect vapers’ freedom to use electronic cigarettes in public spaces.  

With the Public Health England report stating vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking tobacco we must ensure that anyone wishing to use electronic cigarettes is able to do so without unnecessary restriction.

We view the  voluntary vaping ban at Little Haven beach in Pembrokeshire as just the start. We envisage that if we do not fight for vapers’ rights these immoral bans will creep throughout Wales and then to the rest of the UK.  The misinformation and lies about vaping need to stop;  and we are here to ensure people have access to the available research so they can read the truth for themselves.


Vapers in Power are campaigning under the description Freedom to Choose to defend vapers rights in Wales.


“Freedom to choose” in Wales

This includes the Freedom to Choose:

  • To vape outdoors in public areas.
  • To vape outdoors in private areas with the permission of the owner or landlord.
  • To vape indoors with the permission of the owner or landlord.

Mark Drakeford has ignored the voice of the Welsh people for long enough. This election is our time to show vaping is much safer than combustible cigarettes and tobacco. It is the time to challenge the mainstream press and ensure that the public have access to the science instead of the lies and hysteria published by the media to increase readership and defend vested interests.  Vaping should not be blanket banned in enclosed spaces.  Any bans should be at the discretion of the owner or landlord and we will continue with this message through the elections and beyond!


“Freedom to choose” is a slogan used by Vapers in Power for our Welsh campaign. Vapers in Power is not affiliated to any other organisation or campaign, any similarity with our slogan and any other organisation or campaign is totally coincidental. “Freedom to choose” is not intended to convey a message that choices should be without restrictions, just that some proposed restrictions are unfair.