Statement: Royal College of Physicians Report

Vapers in Power welcomes today’s positive report from the Royal College of Physicians (1) (Nicotine without smoke: tobacco harm reduction) but we are concerned that it may have come too late.  It’s fantastic that the Royal College supports and goes beyond the landmark Public Health England Evidence Review (2) (which declared vaping to be at least 95% safer than cigarette smoking) but this news comes at a time when several local authorities are banning vaping in the open air (3) and during working hours (4) and just weeks before the draconian Tobacco Products Directive goes onto the UK statute books.

“Getting such positive confirmation from the Royal College is excellent but if it doesn’t have an impact at ground level then we will be concerned about the future of vaping as a harm reduction option.  We hope that this report will be shared with all public health practitioners and policymakers, including those in local authorities.” (Jessica Harding, Party Leader)

We also applaud the Royal College’s conclusions regarding the Tobacco Products Directive, which will be law in the UK from May.  The report states that the TPD may “inappropriately constrain the e-cigarette market and hence inhibit e-cigarette use” and also calls for the TPD to be reviewed after a year.      

We are pleased that the Royal College appreciates that the tobacco industry is delving into the e-cigarette market to protect their core product,   by marketing ineffective e-cigarettes which are intended to fail:

“…only the most naive or captured advocates for vaping could fail to acknowledge that the tobacco industry wants people who vape to smoke and vape, not vape instead of smoking.”

Vapers in Power calls on all employers who prohibit the use of ecigs in the workplace to re-assess their policies in light of this new report from such a prestigious scientific body.

We also urge all vapers to share the Report (1) with employers, health professionals and political representatives.




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