Write to Vape – Wales

Vaping in Wales hangs on a knife edge – it needs some butterfly wings! (that’s chaos theory btw), anyway …

Your local councillor is a bit of a hidden resource. They don’t get flooded with requests, they don’t have the time pressure a decent AM does but they are in the system.

That’s why Vapers in Power think it could be effective to approach them directly.

The excellent Write To Them will make sending an email easy – and if you’re stuck our writing frame aims to make it even easier – just download the document, fill in the boxes then copy and paste them into the “write to them” box, one after the other.

Of course – you could always use Write To Them to send the same letter to your AM too!

If you comment below who you’ve sent your letter(s) to – we’ll be able to see who’s been covered and who we’ve still to get!”

Mae feipio yng Nghymru yn hongian ar fin y gyllell – mae angen aden pili-pala arni hi (dyna theori anhrefn gyda llaw), beth bynnag…

Mae eich cynghorydd lleol yn dipyn bach o adnodd cudd. Nid ydynt nhw ddim eu llif gyda cheisiadau, a mae nhw ddim dan bwysau amser fel Aelodau Cynulliad, ond maen nhw yn y system.

Dyna pam Vapers in Power yn meddwl y gallai fod yn droi atynt yn uniongyrchol.

Bydd y wefan ardderchog “Write to Them” wneud anfon e-bost atyn nhw yn hawdd – os ydych yn siŵr beth i ysgrifennu, bydd ein fframwaith ysgrifennu i’w gwneud yn haws fydd – dim ond lawrlwytho y ddogfen, llenwch y blychau wedyn copïo a gludo i yn y blychau “Write to Them”, un ar ôl y llall.

Wrth gwrs, fe allech chi defnyddio “Write to Them” i anfon yr un llythyr at dy Aelod Cynulliad hefyd!

Ar ôl i ti anfon dy neges at gynghorwyr rhoi eu henwau yn isod – wedyn dyn ni’n gallu gweld a bwy oedd yn derbyn ceisiadau, a phwy rhaid i ni gysylltu yn y dyfodol.

1 thought on “Write to Vape – Wales

  1. These new proposals are disgusting, why does Mark Drakeford, the HEALTH Minister have a right to dictated what we do in our own homes regarding work, he is out of place and he does not belong in a place of authority as he is bias and is not supporting the people but rather goijg by his own opinions which is not what he is getting paid to do and is begining to annoy everyone he is effecting by doing this. He needs a reality check and needs to do his job correctly and follow the facts.


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