Labour Pains – Last push for #LordsVapeVote


Lord Callanan’s motion has been downgraded to one of regret, but we still need to write. This will be debated and we can make a difference.


These are the actions you need to take:

  1. Write to your MP and one of the members of the Shadow Health Team
  2. Write to the Labour members of the House of Lords,
  3. Tweet to the Labour Shadow Health Team.


You might wish to include:

  • How vaping has helped you.
  • Why the TPD will prevent people from switching from smoking.
  • A request for them to support Lord Callanan’s fatal motion.


Labour support is essential for the success of Lord Callanan’s motion.


It doesn’t matter if your letter is grammatical, spelled right or follows the usual rules – an honest and polite message will have a great effect.


Contact Details

Use this to contact your MP:

Email addresses for the Shadow Health Team:,,,,,

ViP’s post with info for writing to the lords:

The spreadsheet has been updated. The important targets are now at the top of the list and highlighted in red.

Twitter handles for the Shadow Health Team: @heidi_mp @lucianaberger @GwynneMP @KeeleyMP @justinmadders @lordphilofbrum

Something like this might be a good tweet:

CkD2oNcWUAE-cUC (2)



Why this is essential:

ASH once again are busy throwing vapers and smokers under a bus, desperate to protect the anti-smoker parts of the new legislation. They are downplaying the effect that the restrictions on e-cigarettes will have on the viability of vaping as an alternative to smoking. Their recent press release emphasised that ‘only’ 9% of the vaping population would be affected by the restrictions on e-liquid strength, calmly ignoring the fact that this translated to 252,000 individuals, many of whom are people just in the process of switching to vaping. ASH are also completely ignoring current and future smokers who may choose to switch.


Unfortunately Labour are listening to ASH. We need to convince them that vapers aren’t happy that they are supporting regulations which will result in an estimated 105,000 addtional deaths every year across Europe


This is why we are asking the vape community to write and tweet to Labour MP’s, Shadow Health Team, Labour Lords and a few other key decision makers.


For instance, Jeremy Corbyn himself: In June 2014 Corbyn signed an Early Day Motion in support of e-cigarettes and regretting the direction the European Legislation had taken. You might want to remind him of that.

Also, Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, a member of the Labour Shadow Health Team, had this to say at the recent debate in the House of Lords,  10th May 2016:

For goodness’ sake, if we could persuade all smokers to vape, it would be a fantastic public health movement. Why is there this hesitation? I do not understand it.


It’s expected that most of the Labour Lords will vote as they are instructed to by the party whips. Let’s make sure the whips are saying the right thing!


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