Official Statement from Vapers In Power on Public Health (Wales) Bill Vote

Welsh Government Vaping Ban FAILS At Last Hurdle!



This is a MASSIVE WIN for the health of the Welsh people.

Vapers in Power is delighted that common sense has prevailed, that science has been followed and vapers have been listened to.  Vaping will now continue to be publicly visible as the safer alternative to smoking.

We welcome the decision taken on 16th March 2016 by the entire Welsh Assembly, despite continuing to follow the pattern of Welsh Labour versus all other parties in the Senedd. It still seems inconceivable to us that an issue which splits opinion should so neatly fall along party lines, unless, of course, they are just playing political games?

We are overwhelmed by the divided vote result which ended in a casting vote by the Presiding Officer, and the continuation of vapers’ right to enjoy vaping when visiting the Zoo.

We would like to thank all parties of the Welsh Assembly who showed willingness to engage with vapers and  Vapers in Power throughout the Bill process.

We would also like to thank  every member of the vaping community in Wales who took part in our campaigns, who gave evidence or replied to a consultation, and those from supportive groups such as SaveEcigs and the New Nicotine Alliance.

The Welsh government have now seen that those who have chosen a safer alternative to smoking are not going to keep quiet…now or in the future!