Will Vaping become obsolete?

I’ve been pondering this the past day, because of a comment somewhere else, its also something I’m sure we’ve all thought about before.


On the one hand you have the evidence of thousands of years of nicotine use – but mostly in a smoked form – and our own personal experience of vaping being a pleasurable thing and something, I for one, think gives more than it takes from my life.

Yet, we’re all ex-smokers, our brains (we are told) have become hard-wired to get pleasure from a nic hit. Given the less addictive nature of ecigs cf fags, it is possible/probable that for future generations, it’ll be more of a take it or leave it thing. People won’t get as addicted to ecigs as they did to fags.

So, can I discount my experience of nicotine use “sharpening” my life as due to my previous use of cigarettes? Will nic alone be enough of a draw to keep a vaping market viable in the long term?

A clear assumption running through my thinking is that nic use isn’t a problem (once smoke has been taken out of the picture) – as ever the caveat that should we learn that nic use does cause problems worth a rethink of the cost/benefit calculation, then, well, the sums must be run again.

So, I think I think (lol), that while there may not be an issue with continuing nicotine use for the eons that I’m sure humanity will survive for (what the robots are going to do with it I don’t know!) – it is at least a possibility that recreational nicotine, if fags are out, might die out.

Doubt it though.


One thought on “Will Vaping become obsolete?

  1. Ultimately I am not sure that the intricacies of the endgame result are that important. What is important is that smokers should have the option to take up vaping in its most effective form. If the end result is a nicotine free future it won’t effect me I will be dead by then. If it is lower tobacco prevalence with ongoing vaping I think that would be a good thing. If it is a tobacco free future where nicotine is still a recreational drug, that would be good. I can’t see an ‘endgame’ that is bad at present based on vaping not being restricted, I can see a bad ‘endgame’ being caused by the TPD.


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