Fame! Glory! Adoration!


Or, more prosaically – are you up for appearing on the news to try to repeal the TRPR?

See, this is the thing. There’s going to be a surprise general election in the UK. We’ve stood in elections before and good things happen, we get a ‘free’ (£500 is the cost of standing) mailshot to tens of thousands of homes, we get media coverage, we get to speak at public events. This time, we want more.

When elections happen, the media descend on a few select locations and both broadcast the result from those places live, and play them in the news programmes later – wouldn’t it be great if OUR message, repeal the TRPR, was included in those broadcasts?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could keep buying tanks bigger than 2ml and bottles bigger than a gnat’s bawbag?

We can’t predict where all the cameras will be, but we can be sure they will be at the main party leader’s constituencies:

Theresa May – Maidenhead

Jeremy Corbyn – Islington North

Tim Farron – Westmorland and Lonsdale.

We want someone to stand, for us, in one of these.

That person has to be willing to attend the count and stay to the bitter end when the returning officer announces the result.

We will handle the deposit, most of the paperwork (the candidate has to do some, but it’s easy and we will help); we’ll provide backup, guidance and support.

Liam stood in 2015, it was, to quote him: “a gas”. This will be fun, it will also help promote the vaping cause.


Most of the readers of this won’t live in or near these constituencies. Please help us get this spread. Share it like you’ve never shared anything before, share it generally and individually to anyone you know who lives in these places, or who might know anyone that does.


Time is short, we have one week to find a vaper willing to stand and be on the news. It’s the 19th April as I write this, the deadline for this stage is 26th April.

Help us to help vapers.

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